YouTube Star Kid Earns $11 Million a Year by Reviewing Toys

A 6-year-old is taking over YouTube and is making millions of dollars in the process.

According to Forbes, the income of the top earners is up a stunning 80 percent from last year. They attribute the rapid growth to an organic rise in base subscribers and an increased sophistication in the way YouTubers market themselves.

Though all remarkable in their own right even if watching someone else play video games while delivering a running commentary isn’t your thing there is one person on the list that stands out from the crowd of mostly 20-something men.

Six-year-old Ryan, of the popular channel Ryan ToysReview, generated around $11 million over the last year, which put him in a tie for eighth place on the list.

In that time, Ryan’s videos, which are produced and posted almost daily by his parents, racked up over 8 billion views.

Ryan’s channel was relatively unknown until a video in July 2015 went viral.

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