Timi Tamminen – Generation Zero ft. HUMBLE

Published on July 27, 2018 by

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LYRICS Ashes to ashes, dust to dust Generation zero It’s another night out with the chums Fuelled by the notion of nothing The BAC levels off the charts Pray you don’t do anything stupid The sneaky silhouettes dance in the dark Outlaws in the heat of the summer Smashed glass, grass stains, slashed car tires, absent families made us housebroken – damn Ashes to ashes, dust to dust Generation zero Chained to a pillar named nine-to-six Wasting the wild weekends for kicks A generation of lonely souls, here’s yet another line ’bout overdose I’ve heard enough songs ’bout California Now who’s gonna mourn you? When one has to go from this place, I swear it will wipe away the smiles off our faces We’re all open books with no pages Every day feels like a cadence Off-pitch, off-rhythm, this matrix we call life’s organised chaos Too young to go, too old for the bullshit Saying the same things daily, admit this: The bottle dictates the rules of this game Never know when it’s you who has to cease playing Written by Timi Tamminen Produced by Timi Tamminen Performed by Timi Tamminen & HUMBLE Single cover by Mira Suvinen Contact me for stem/sampling purposes and feature requests.


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