50 of the most iconic music videos of all time

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Some music videos are more memorable than others.

From Michael Jackson’s zombie dance in “Thriller” to Miley Cyrus’ naked wrecking ball ride, certain visuals stay with the viewer long after the video has ended. 

Here are 50 of the most iconic music videos of all time.

“Life on Mars” by David Bowie (1973) David Bowie/YouTube

The “Life on Mars” music video was filmed for the song’s release as a single. It’s incredibly simple, with David Bowie just standing in front of a white background for most of it, but with his orange hair, powder blue suit, and blue eye shadow, the visuals are vibrant and mesmerizing. 

Watch the video here

“Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen (1975) Queen Official/YouTube

The promotional video for “Bohemian Rhapsody” starts off with the striking, yet simple shot of the four band members sitting in darkness and singing the a capella part of the song. Then it shifts to the musicians performing on stage. The initial image is one that has defined the band since. 

Watch the video here

“Thriller” by Michael Jackson (1983) Michael Jackson/YouTube

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video is a cinematic masterpiece. Directed by John Landis, known for “Animal House” and “An American Werewolf in London,” the mini-movie has the perfect horror aesthetic. From the movie theater setting that resulted in the popular “Michael Jackson eating popcorn” GIF to the choreographed zombie dance, it’s 14 minutes of pure enjoyment. The video won a Grammy for best long-form video.

Watch the video here

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