19 things you don’t actually have to clean




Whether you’re a neat freak or hate the thought of cleaning your home, most of us know that cleaning is a necessary evil.

But if you’re keeping things tidy on the regular, there’s a good chance you’re cleaning some things you don’t actually need to worry about.

From household appliances to certain clothing items and a few particular body parts (yes, really), here are 19 things you don’t have to worry about cleaning.

Your cast iron skillet The Adaptive / Shutterstock

If you cook, you probably use your cast iron skillet a lot, but it turns out that plenty of cookware doesn’t need to be cleaned … at least not given a good scrub down with soap and water.

Most cast-iron cookware comes with nonstick materials or seasoning oils that build up over time with use … and that’s a good thing. You’ll want to protect this coating, so harsh scrubbing with soap simply isn’t necessary in most cases.

Check the care instructions for your cookware, because generally, you can get away with a quick wipe down after use.

Your stovetop Flickr/Bluedot Creations

Similarly, even if you’re cooking every single day, there’s no real need to give your stovetop a solid scrub, unless you’ve had a major spill.

Your food isn’t coming into direct contact with it, so it’s perfectly OK if you just quickly wipe it down unless there’s a major mess happening.

Your drains Shutterstock

Sure, if your kitchen or bathroom drain seems to be clogged or has some sort of odor, you’ll want to grab a drain cleaner and go to town. But otherwise, there’s simply no need to clean it with any sort of regularity, according to Kitchn, who noted that messing with your drain unnecessarily can actually backfire and do more harm than good.

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